Annals of Functional Analysis


Founding and Chief Editor


Mohammad Sal Moslehian

Ferdowsi University of Mashhad



Advisory Board


Jonathan M. Borwein

University of Newcastle


Sergei V. Konyagin

Moscow State University


Arthur Jaffe
Harvard University

Anthony To-Ming Lau

University of Alberta



Carl M. Pearcy, Jr.
Texas A&M University



Themistocles M. Rassias

National Technical Univ. of Athens


Masamichi Takesaki

University of California, Los Angeles





Editorial Board


George Androulakis

University of South Carolina, USA

Geometry of Banach spaces; general theory and special classes of bounded linear operators; C*-algebras; von Neumann algebras; Applications of functional analysis to quantum physics.

Sorina Barza

Karlstad University, Sweden

Real analysis; Measure theory; Interpolation theory; Geometry of Banach spaces; Inequalities for differential and integral operators; Function spaces; maximal functions; Rearrangement invariant spaces.


Kenneth S. Berenhaut

Wake Forest University, USA

Applied probability; Convergence rates; Mathematical inequalities; Functional and difference equations; Matrix inequalities.


Rajarama B. V. Bhat

Indian Stat. Institute Bangalore, India

Positive definite matrices, Completely positive maps, Quantum dynamical semigroups; E-semigroups; Product systems; Dilation theory; Quantum stochastic differential equations.


Jacek Chmieliński

University of Cracow, Poland

Functional equations and inequalities; Stability of functional equations; Functional equations in functional analysis.

Ole Christensen

Technical Univ. of Denmark, Denmark

Frames and bases in Hilbert spaces; Wavelets; Gabor analysis.


Krzysztof Ciesielski

Jagiellonian University, Poland

Topological dynamics; Stability; Semiflows; History of functional analysis.

Claudio Cuevas

Univ. Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil

Functional differential equations, Integral and integro-differential operators

Marcel de Jeu
Leiden University, Netherlands
Banach algebras and operator algebras; Ordered vector spaces and their operators; Representation theory; Special functions; Approximation theory.


 Patrick N. Dowling
Miami University, USA
Metric fixed point theory; Geometry of Banach spaces.

Jean Esterle

Universite Bordeaux, France

Functional analysis; Harmonic analysis; Operator theory; Invariant subspaces; Semigroups; Spaces of holomorphic functions; Banach algebras.

Jun Ichi Fujii

Osaka Kyoiku University, Japan

Functional analysis; Operator theory;
Operator inequality; Quantum information; Coding theory.

Stephan Ramon Garcia

Pomona College, USA

Single operator theory; Operators on spaces of analytic functions.



Klaus Gurlebeck

Bauhaus Universität Weimar, Germany

Complex and hypercomplex analysis (Clifford analysis); Approximation; Weighted function spaces; Discrete function theories.

 Soon-Mo Jung

Hong-Ik University, Republic of Korea

Functional equations.


Seung-Hyeok Kye

Seoul National Univ., Republic of Korea

Positive maps; Operator spaces and systems; Quantum entanglement.

Nicolaas P. Landsman
Radboud Univ. Nijmegen, Netherlands

Mathematical physics; Noncommutative geometry.

Denny H. Leung

National Univ. of Singapore, Singapore

Banach spaces; Banach lattices; Function spaces.

Yongdo Lim

Sungkyunkwan Univ,Republic of Korea
Matrix manifolds and inequalities; Nonlinear matrix equations; Geometry of convex cones; Finite and infinite dimensional symmetric cones; Non-positively curved metric spaces.

Zinaida Lykova

University of Newcastle, UK

Banach algebras; C*-algebras; Topological homology including Hochschild and cyclic continuous homology and cohomology.

Mostafa Mbekhta
Universite Lille 1, France
Functional analysis; Operator theory; Generalized inverses; Linear preservers; Fredholm theory; Local spectral theory.

Gradimir V. Milovanovic
Serbian Acad Sciences Arts, Serbia

Orthogonal polynomials and systems;

Interpolation; quadrature processes; Integral equations; Approximations by polynomials and  splines; Polynomials;



Vladimir Muller
Czech Academy of Science, Czech
Operator theory, Spectral theory, Banach and topological algebras.

Matthias Neufang

Carleton University, Canada

Abstract harmonic analysis, Banach and operator algebras; Operator spaces; Locally compact quantum groups; Topological centers. 

Constantin P. Niculescu

University of Craiova, Romania

Normed linear spaces; Banach spaces; Banach lattices; Measure; Integration; Derivative; Nonlinear functional analysis; Special classes of linear operators; Nonlinear operators and their properties.

Maria Angeles Japón Pineda
Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
Geometry of Banach spaces; Metric fixed point theory.

Marek Ptak

University of Agr. in Krakow, Poland

Operator Theory;. Functional Analysis;  Harmonic analysis;  Invariant subspaces; Spaces of holomorphic functions.

Biagio Ricceri

University of Catania, Italy

Minimax theory; Set-valued analysis; Nonlinear analysis; fixed point theory.

Thomas Riedel

University of Louisville, USA

Ordered sets and lattices; Difference and functional equations; Real functions.

Volker Runde

University of Alberta, Canada

Amenable Banach algebras; Automatic continuity; Aabstract harmonic analysis; Operator spaces; Locally compact quantum groups.

Yuki Seo

Osaka Kyoiku University, Japan

General theory of linear operators.

Javier Soria

University of Barcelona, Spain

Normed linear spaces; Banach spaces; Banach lattices; Inequalities for integral and maximal operators.

Ilya M. Spitkovsky

New York Univ. Abu Dhabi, UAE and the College of William and Mary, USA

Functional analysis; Operator theory; Fredholm and spectral theory.

Laszlo Szekelyhidi

Lajos Kossuth University, Hungary

Spectral analysis; Fourier analysis; Functional equations on algebraic structures and hypergroups; Functional analytical methods in  functional equations; Stability.

Keith F. Taylor

Dalhousie University, Canada

Abstract Harmonic analysis; Wavelet analysis.

Vesko Valov

Nipissing University,Canada

Linear and topological classification of function spaces; Properties of function spaces;  Extension and averaging operators; Spaces of measures; Non-commutative topology in particular different types ranks of C*-algebras; Topological algebras and topologies on the space of ideals; Functional representation of topological algebras.


Qing-Wen Wang

Shanghai University, China

Matrix theory; Matrix analysis; Linear algebra; Operator algebras; Hilbert C*-module.

Takeaki Yamazaki
Toyo University, Japan

Functional analysis; Operator theory; Matrix theory.

Kehe Zhu
State Univ. of New York at Albany, USA

Analytic function spaces (Bergman spaces ,Hardy spaces, Besov spaces, Bloch space, Lipschitz spaces, BMOA, etc); Operators on function spaces (Hankel operators, Toeplitz operators, composition operators, etc).