Ann. Funct. Anal.

Volume 5, Number 1, 2014


The first issue of the special volume dedicated to Professor Tsuyoshi Ando

in celebration of his distinguished achievements in Matrix Analysis and Operator Theory




Holder type inequalities on Hilbert C*-modules and its reverses

Y. Seo



pp. 1-9

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Quadratic Fourier transforms

L.P. Castro; M.R. Haque; M.M. Murshed; S. Saitoh; N.M. Tuan



pp. 10-23

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An operator inequality implying the usual and chaotic orders

J.I. Fujii; M. Fujii; R. Nakamoto



pp. 24-29

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Zero-dilation indices of KMS matrices

H.-L. Gau; P.Y. Wu



pp. 30-35

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Krein space numerical ranges: compressions and dilations

N. Bebiano; J. da Providencia



pp. 36-50

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Some Banach algebra properties in the Cartesian product of Banach algebras

H.J. Kanani; H. Dedania



pp. 51-55

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Estimates for the numerical radius and the spectral radius of the

Frobenius companion matrix and bounds for the zeros of polynomials

A. Abu Omar; F. Kittaneh



pp. 56-62

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2-local mappings on algebras with involution

A. Fosner



pp. 63-69

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On reversing of the modified Young inequality

A. Salemi;  A. Sheikh Hosseini



pp. 70-76

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New Gruss type inequalities for Riemann-Stieltjes integral with monotonic integrators and applications

M.W. Alomari; S.S. Dragomir



pp. 77-93

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Singular values and eigenvalues of matrices in son(C) and spn(C)

D. Bozkurt; T.-Y. Tam; W. Yan



pp. 94-100

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Majorization of singular integral operators with Cauchy kernel on L2

T. Yamamoto



pp. 101-108

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A strong version of the Birkhoff-James orthogonality in Hilbert C*-modules

Lj. Arambasic; R. Rajic



pp. 109-120

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Kwong matrices and operator monotone functions on (0,1)

J. Morishita; T. Sano; S. Tachibana



pp. 121-127

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A setting for generalized orthogonalization

G. Corach; A. Maestripieri 



pp. 128-142

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