The Program Committee

It has been a long tradition of the International Mathematical Union to keep the members of the Program Committees for forthcoming International Congresses secret. The reason for this secrecy was to protect the members of the committee from personal or political pressure from outside. Invitations to lecture at the International Congresses carry such high prestige that individuals or groups have always made efforts to influence the decisions of the commmittee.

The IMU General Assembly decided at its last meeting in Luzern in 1994 to change the policy and announce the Chairman of the Program Committee for ICM'98 publically. The Executive Committee of IMU has asked Phillip Griffiths, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, to chair the International Program Committee. He decided to accept this difficult responsibility. His address is as follows:

Phillip A. Griffiths
Institute for Advanced Study
Olden Lane
Princeton, NJ 08540-0631

Phone: +1/609/734-8200
Fax: +1/609/683-7605
E-mail: pg@math.ias.edu

The chair of the Program Committee announced the structure of the ICM'98 sections in the following letter.

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