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To guarantee a smooth organization of the Congress for the expected number of participants DER-CONGRESS has set up rather strict rules on registration. The conditions laid down in the printed version of the Second Announcement apply.

Therefore, if you have not received a printed copy of the Second Announcement, please request one by filling out the Request Form for the Second Annoucement. To shorten the mailing process a postscript file of the Second Announcement is available on this server.

Before filling out the registration form please be sure that you have read the Second Announcement thoroughly, in particular sections I. Registration, J. Accommodation, and K. Social and Tourist Program. Convince yourself that you have entered all information correctly before you submit the document.

Please note: DER-CONGRESS charges DM 25.00 (see I.6 Cancellations and Changes) on most changes.

If you do not want to submit confidential information, in particular your credit card number over the internet, feel free to mail or fax a hard copy of the registration form to our Congress Agents (do NOT mail or fax it to ICM'98). You will find hardcopies included in all printed versions of the Second Announcemet. Copies can also be produced using the postscript and MS-Word 6.0 files of the registration form.

The WWW Registration Form offers the following alternatives:

  1. Complete the registration form and submit it as a whole.
  2. Complete everything except for the credit card information and fax credit card information separately using the last page of a hardcopy registration form.
  3. Complete the registration form on your browser, but instead of submitting it electronically make a hardcopy using the print option and fax the printed registration form.

In all cases you will have to use a browser which understands FORMS. This form was previewed with Netscape NavigatorTM 3.0. If this form does not work on your browser please resort to hardcopies.

Click here for the WWW Registration Form

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Last modified: December 11, 1997