to attend the International Congress of Mathematicians
BERLIN (Germany) 1998

The Local Organizing Committee has set up a Committee for the Support of Mathematicians from Developing Countries (CSMDC) to support mature mathematicians (older than 35 years of age at the time of the Congress) with residence in developing countries to attend ICM'98.

The funds for financial support are very limited. To secure the participation of as many persons as possible, only local costs in Berlin (registration, board and lodging) will be supported. Travel grants can only be provided in exceptional cases.

All participants who wish to apply for financial support are kindly asked to fill out the application form contained in ICM'98 Circular Letter 16.

DEADLINE (for the submission of applications):

JANUARY 1, 1998

All applications will be reviewed and all applicants will be informed about the result immediately after

MAY 1, 1998.

Please fill out the form in ICM'98 Circular Letter 16 and return it by E-MAIL to


The SUBJECT LINE of the E-MAIL HEADER must have the following form

Subject: ICM-CSMDC

If e-mail is not available you can MAIL or FAX the form to the address at the end of the application form.

Further information about this program is available from the Committee CSMDC: G. Berendt (berendt@math.fu-berlin.de) and E. Letzner (letzner@math.fu-berlin.de).

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